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In case you’re the only one in the world who didn’t notice, times have changed. And if you’re afraid of speed, we are sorry we have even worse news; the times are still changing very fast! Who would have thought that drones, space shuttles, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the internet of Things (IOT) would become as rampant as they are today (even if some of us have only watched them on TV)? 
This table shows the percentage of world internet usage from 2005 to 2018

16 %

Not only have people moved from ‘the before life’ to ‘the now life’, some bolder ones have moved to the future life.

Recently, the transparent car project Germany embarked on was all over the internet. It.was also rumored in recent times that Google has obtained patent on what they called “Patent Personalities” of robots where robot owners could have ‘a personality automatically chosen to match their needs or select one based on a fictional character or even a loved one’. And how about ‘crazy’ Sergio Canavero, the Italian Surgeon who has started to implement his dream of human head transplants? No, that is not all. A team at Binghamton University, New York, looked at a way volunteers’ brain signals changed as they read a list of acronyms. Each person reacted differently enough for the system to predict who was reading the list with 94 per cent accuracy. They believed that in future, a honed version of this idea could verify who is sitting at a PC. Do you understand it?
People who are not taping you can know it’s you browsing through a system by the system through your brain signals.

By now, the point is clear: excluding tech from your life at a time such as this is a wild attempt to become irrelevant, and the scarier thing is your chances of success in this game of loss are really huge. Not only is this because more than half the world is online but also because Technology has shifted from being just another niche to something you need if you must thrive in every single niche out there (except of course the extinction niche). Like someone once said, “technology is not the food. It is the plate with which the food is served.”
Whatever it is your passions and endeavours are right now, that certainly is not all they can be. Take that business online. Find ways tech could enhance that innovative idea in your mind. Build a niche and become an influencer. By all means, up your game by getting on board the tech ship. It can only get better from there. 
And of course, catch you here on our next post.

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