The only person more pissed off than a customer who walks into a store and finds that the customer service personnel appear tired of their presence already and angry at existence itself, is probably the business owner. If you ever had that experience, and vowed never to go back there, try to imagine someone doing same for your business. Scary, right? Because that someone would tell someone who would tell someone else and on goes the chain, like a horror movie.
It was Melonie Dodard that said “people don’t care about your business, they care about their problems. Be the solution that they are looking for”.

In a world where it is increasingly easier to be excellent (seeing as technology and innovation keep helping people and businesses raise the bar), smart businesses and business people have found out that the greatest edge you can have over any competitors is good customer service and they are leveraging this maximally.

Whatever it is you sell, people need to leave you feeling like they made a great decision having bought from you. If you are a small or “fresh” entrepreneur, you need this like a life skill to help grow your business brand.

We know you do not like to be disrespected but truth is this: customers will disrespect you, and if you want to stay in business, you should prepare to manage all that while still giving out the very best. Learn people management skills. All of it. Learn to listen and not talk back. Listen beyond the tone of voice. Look beyond the ugly look on that face and see the need. You think this is psychology 101? Well, yes it is. The best business people are people – studies so if you chose entrepreneurship over the 9-5 life , welcome to reality. 
Catch us right here on our next post for a few more detailed tips on how to ensure good customer service in your business.

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