We Should All be Techies

Before you start thinking the “everyone should create their unique path in life and follow it” line, remember that Technology is not just another path for a specific set of nerds or geeks…well maybe it was before, but not anymore. Needless to say, technology has taken over every aspect of our existence and coexistence in society; from family life, to the corporate world, through to institutions of all sorts . What more, tech has provided leverage for the political and administrative structures of many governments, especially governments of First-world countries who take the lead in technological discoveries.

Where Does Africa Stand in the Picture?
Recently, Strive Masiyiwa of Zimbabwe, billionaire founder of Kwésé sports, Cassava books and a host of other companies claimed recently that Africa accounts for about 500 million out of the approximately 1.2 billion users of the internet, which implies that we have the highest figure of internet users worldwide. It is true that Africa generally lacks behind in technology but in recent times, there has been a lot of positive improvement. With companies like Andela, Techpoint and a lot of other fast-growing tech-based institutions in Nigeria, Rwanda’s solar-panel initiative for homes in interior parts and a myriad of other tech-based initiatives in Africa as a whole, it is obvious that a lot of progress is being made to improve Africa’s technological exposure. Internationally, there is a lot of optimism as to Africa catching up with the rest of the world on technology.

What is Your Part as an Individual?
Get in the flow. As much as possible, get rid of anything analogue around you. Get on the internet and do research. Whatever your niche, technology surely has tools and applications you could use to improve your output and efficiency. Soon enough, the light of technological civilization would be shining in Africa too.
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